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Enhancing after sales, service experience


We are a group of enthusiast lead by Abhishek Rai who has a decade of experience in creating software solution for some of the technology giants like Motorola, Arris and Google. Abhishek has also worked for Nortel and Texas Instruments, and touched the lives of millions through his work on network and communication devices.

Abhishek was looking for ways of enhance the after sales experience of the consumers. There can be no better way than putting across verified options of service providers to choose from, providing detailed information about each of the service providers, and the reviews of real consumers who have availed the service at these service providers. This desire lead to creation of BookServicing.

Through BookServicing, we aim to connect the best available post sales service providers to the consumers. Consumer get well informed about the service provider it opts for. Post sales industry has largely been unorganized and lack a unified platform through which to connect with consumers. Through BookServicing, we aim to create an online platform for consumers to access all the information about the service providers and their authentic user reviews. Also we want to provide an online platform for service providers to showcase their offerings and get their user reviews accessible to consumers at large.

We want to bring in the online comfort for consumers while opting for post sales service. We manage everything from verified listing, to booking appointments, till service completion updates and online payments. We also let you track your service expenditure be maintaining your service records. Desire is to be the one stop lookup for all your after sales need for the product by keeping consumers updated about the insights of product feature and supporting accessories and we are working hard to become your preferred choice.

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